Trilix - the most stylish p2p in the world

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FEATURES of Trilix:

  • Access to more file sharing networks = access to a large diversity of users.

  • Download fast! Trilix access more networks and connects to many sources.

  • Trilix identify and repair corrupted files before the download finishes.

  • Search across multiple P2P networks. Trilix will find you that file you want!

  • Every search is shown in a separate window. Search results will not be overwritten.

  • You will have mp3’s, pictures and movies previews directly from search panel.

  • Expand the functionality of Trilix with add-on modules. You have the possibility to even create your own!

  • Built-in player can play all types of video and audio files, revise playlists.

  • Trilix encloses the capability to preview incomplete audio or video files before download is finished!

  • You can chat with friends directly at the same time as you're downloading with Trilix, send on a message or get to know another user.

  • By using of security block lists, a complicated IP and client filter, you have the capability to obstruct malicious companies and clients. Trilix maintains you secure.

  • Trilix is compatible with Windows 98, Me, NT, 2000 and XP. It has been tested on all modern versions of the Windows operating system.